December 29, 2014

My Bucket List: Villa San Michele

“I want my house open to sun and wind and the voice of the sea,
like a Greek temple, and light, light, light everywhere!”
– Axel Munthe, The Story of San Michele

Villa San Michele, Anacapri

December 24, 2014

Travel Theme: Golden

This week's travel theme was inspired by the warmth and glitter of the season. And there's no shortage of golden subjects to photograph in Europe, from the gold mosaic tiles of The Sky Over Nine Columns art installation on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, to delicate Venetian carnival masks peering out from behind shop windows.

The Sky Over Nine Columns by Heinz Mack

December 22, 2014

Gardens of Augustus, Capri

The Italian island of Capri has been blessed with an abundance of scenic locales and one of its most colourful is the Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus). When we visited in July, the lush botanical gardens were in full bloom. The park is also the ideal vantage point from which to view the famous Faraglioni, a trio of rock formations just off the island’s coast.

Giardini di Augusto, Augustus Gardens in Capri

December 15, 2014

Travel Theme: Freedom

Many people equate the feeling of freedom with travelling the open road, but I’m not a road trip kind of girl. Birds must be the freest of all creatures, not tethered to the earth by gravity. Perhaps that's why the haunting cry of a sea gull always makes me feel free.

Sea Gull in Monaco

December 08, 2014

Simply Lovely Anacapri

Of the two towns on the Italian isle of Capri, Anacapri may be smaller and lesser known than glamorous Capri town but its charm and tranquility have won me over. You'll find luxury here too, like the Capri Palace Hotel, but the town’s top attractions are more modest: ancient Roman statues, an Egyptian sphinx and a traditional majolica tile floor.

Quiet Streets of Anacapri

December 01, 2014

Posh Capri Town

From Roman emperors to Grand Tour travellers and modern-day movie stars, the rich and powerful have vacationed for centuries on Capri, a small island off the Sorrentine coast of Italy. But Capri is also the name given to the larger of two towns on this rocky paradise, and it’s this town that is responsible for the island’s glitzy reputation.

The Isle of Capri, Italy